Diagnosis Tool


This software tool allows companies to execute their own energy diagnosis and to have access to an automatic comparison with other similar companies from the same sector. Thus, the diagnosis tool will generate a self-assessment report to show, sectorially and in a customized manner, the use of energy resources of specific agro-industries operating in the sectors of crop drying, meat and poultry, dairy, and fruit and vegetables transformation.

This Diagnosis tool allows to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each activity or industrial process, and to improve their energy performance and save energy continuously, providing greater value to their products or services.

This tool will be available up to March 2020! Take advantage of this opportunity. You can use the Diagnosis tool in English, and in 7 more languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Greek).


It’s quite easy to use, have a look! ⬇⬇

Step 1. Create a user, just with an email and a password.

Step 2. Create a new study case (you can create as much as you need).

Step 3. Introduce general information of the agro-industry.

Step 4. Introduce general data on the equipment inventory.

Step 5. Obtain your benchmarking comparison!

Step 6. Simulate your Energy Efficiency Scenario, after implementing the proposed measures.

Step 7. Generate your Automatic Report.

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