06-12-18 / Second brokarage event in Sweden

Second brokarage event in Sweden
The 6 of December 2018, the second Swedish brokerage event within SCOoPE, was held as an integrated part of a production manager meeting which was a two day event 5-6 of December. The other events have been held 12-13 of November, 11-12 of December and 22-23 of January, in these cases integrated in the “Grain School”. In total, 80 persons have attended the events. In all these occasions Gustaf Tynelius, who has been actively participating in the SCOoPE project, have been responsible for the grain drying sessions. The picture shows Gustaf talking about the SCOoPE project and how it have been of use for Lantmännen during the last years, the person standing to the right is Fredrik Jönsson, general manager of production within Lantmännen Agricultural sector. Facing the screen are 29 production managers from 16 different sites around Sweden.

The lectures about energy saving in grain drying were, in all events, a mixture of theory and practice. All events took place on sites holding grain dryers so there were good opportunities to inspect different types of dryers as well as discussing different ways of getting energy to them. Most Lantmännen sites have built their drying capacity over a long period of time so there is much variation among the Lantmännen around 150 individual dryers.

The theory part of the events concentrated on the relation between, air speed, drying temperature and efficiency, taking quality issues in the grain into the equation. It also covered the role of routine maintenance to avoid energy losses, and how to perform a checkup air pressure measurement in different types of dryers. This includes a discussion about why you need different air pressures in different dryer types. A practical effect of these discussions is that all drying sites will be equipped with their own measuring equipment to harvest 2019.

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