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Wanting knowledge about ENERGY EFFICIENCY?

Would you like to be able to give some advices about ENERGY PERFORMANCE to an agro-industry and on HOW TO IMPROVE IT?

In this section you can find this information in a easy way, just listening the webinars recorded by the SCOoPE project experts on each subject.

And remember you can choose the language of the subtitles at the beginning of the Youtube video. Moreover, after listening all webinars, you can check your acquired knowledge in the TESTS.

Once you have completed the WEBINARS choose your language and complete the exam*, it’s quite easy and do not take long!

*Certificates are no longer issued since project ended last 31st March 2019. Sorry for the inconveniences.

 Click here and choose language for the online test ➡ 

📌 Please, do not forget to choose the language of the subtitles (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish or Greek) at the beginning of each webinar YouTube video.

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº1

PDF Webinar Nº1 – About the SCOoPE project – Saving Cooperative Energy

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº2

PDF Webinar Nº2 – State of the art of the industrial energy assessment

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº3

Webinar Nº3 – SCOoPE Diagnosis Tool (Online)

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº4

PDF Webinar Nº4 – Thermal energy efficiency in industries

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº5

PDF Webinar Nº5 – Electric energy efficiency in industries

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº6

PDF Webinar Nº6 – Energy efficiency electric motors driven industrial systems

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº7

PDF Webinar Nº7 – Energy efficiency in food industry & combined heat/power

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº8

PDF Webinar Nº8 – Energy efficiency in food industry and renewable energies

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº9

PDF Webinar Nº9 – Efficient generation of steam & hot water in food industry

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº10

PDF Webinar Nº10 – Total site energy management schemes ISO 50.001

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº11

PDF Webinar Nº11 – Utilities and horizontal energy efficiency in industries

SCOoPE Vídeo Nº12

PDF Webinar Nº12 – LEAN Mapping and Process Energt Efficiency

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