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Webinar 1 – SCOoPE project – Saving Cooperative Energy

The SCOoPE project is financed by
The sectors analyzed by the project are:
The Diagnosis tool is

Webinar 2 – State of the art EN 16247, CIRCE

Scope of the energy audit…
The development of energy audits in the industrial sector in the EU...
The proposals of energy efficiency measures...

Webinar 3 – Instructions for the Diagnosis tool, CIRCE

The diagnosis tool is a software to asses:
The compulsory data for diagnosis tool are:
Every equipment must be linked:

Webinar 4 - Thermal Energy Efficiency in Industry, ENEA

The efficiency of a steam generator is:
Which of the following quantities is not a measure of energy efficiency?
What is the process that usually requires more thermal energy in the agri-food industry?

Webinar 5 - Electric energy efficiency in industries, UPM

In a monthly period of 30 days, in an industry, the electrical energy consumption is 9000 kWh, and the peak demand is 50 kW. The load factor for that period is:
If in an industry there is a significant cost of reactive energy, the usual technical measure to reduce this cost is:
The ISO standard that aims to maintain, improve and certify an energy management system is:

Webinar 6 – Energy efficiency in Electric motors, CIRCE

An IE1 efficiency class requirements engine has power11 kW, 4-poles and 50 Hz working in nominal power 6.000 hours a year is replaced by other similar which fulfills IE3 efficiency class requirements.  What energy does it allow to save a year?
High efficiency engines are recommended in the following cases:
What profit do you get from installing variable frequency drive?


A combined Heat and Power plant:
Based on which parameter is usually sized a cogeneration plant in a company?
If a company that has a cogeneration plant needs to generate large amounts of heat in a discontinuous way, it will have to vary widely the "power to heat" ratio of the cogeneration plant. Toward which cogeneration technology it will be more likely to be oriented?

Webinar 8 - Energy Efficiency in Food Industry and Renewable Energies, UPM

The cost of gas or diesel is, in most countries:
The cost, fully installed with all its components, of a photovoltaic system without batteries, is in most countries:
Efficiency is determined with the COP, which is 1,5 to 4, in a conventional heat pump in real conditions, and go to be with a geothermal system:

WEBINAR 9 - Efficient generation of steam and hot water in Food industry, ENEA

Boiler blowdown refers to:
The boiler efficiency (ηb)

Webinar 10 – Total site Energy management schemes ISO 50001, CIRCE

An internal audit must ensure that the energy management system
Which of the following requirements of ISO 50001 are true?
What kind of company could be certified under Energy Management System?

Webinar 11 - Utilities and Horizontal Energy Efficiency in industries, CIRCE

In order to design an efficient lighting system, it is necessary to take into account:
If any of the materials that make up a wall is unknown, and the only method to know the U-Value is using the U-Value Meter, the parameters that are required to be measured are:
A grid analyzer allows you to measure…

Webinar 12 - Lean Mapping and Process Energy Efficiency, UPM

Availability is the factor of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric that represents:
The EFFECTIVE CAPACITY can be calculated as:
The Lean & Green philosophy is characterized by:

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