Key Actor Solutions

Key Actors in the SCOoPE project:

SCOoPE project 'Key Actors' are the agents that actively join to the project, boosting its capacities to achieve the final objective: a relevant energy consumption reduction in the target agro-industries.

There will be to three types of these relevant collaborators:
Providers of technology
Providers of funding
Providers of governmental support

Key Actors will play a “win-win game” in this project, helping companies to implement the energy efficiency recommendations, by enabling them to tackle the investments needed to reach the expected energy savings. Face-to-face meetings will be organized by the auditors between Key Actors and companies.

However, any company (technology, services or funding provider) can get in contact with the project consortium and the auditors through this page (by filling the FORM), and we will show their energy solutions here below! .


Do you have a solution for improving energy efficiency in the target sectors of SCOoPE project? Fill this FORM and we will promote it!.


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