10-07-18 / COAVRE, the place were first Diagnosis for ISO 50.001 Implementation will be carried out by SCOoPE.

Last 10th July, the team of professional of SCOoPE project leaded by CIRCE Foundation, as partner of the project and expert in this topic, participated in the execution of the diagnosis for implementing ISO 50.001  on Energy Management Systems in the facilities of the cooperative COAVRE.

 COAVRE, the place were first Diagnosis for ISO 50.001 Implementation will be carried out by SCOoPE.

COAVRE, Valencian Cooperative of Poultry and Livestock farmers, is a cooperative founded in1958. After more than 50 years’ experience in producing animal feed, this cooperative is composed by 204 partners, employ 19 people and its annual turnover is close to 28 M€. The main activity of this cooperative is to produce compound animal feed for the poultry farms (producing eggs and meat), for the pig farms, and for the bovine, ovine and caprine livestock farms (producing meat and milk). This is one of the cooperatives actively participating in one of the energy clusters of SCOoPE project. Thanks to the online tool developed by the project, the cooperative can check, in real time, the energy performance of the factory, analyze monthly the data and benchmarking its data against other feed factories data.

The ISO 50.001 is an international standard, on a voluntary basis, that was published in 2011 by the international standard organization (ISO) and it includes the requirements for implementing an Energy Management System in the companies. This standard also allows companies implementing the system to have a systematic approach addressed to improve continuously their energy performance, including the energy use, the energy consumption and the energy efficiency.

The facilities of COAVRE are the perfect scenario for carrying out the first pilot diagnosis for implementing the ISO 50.001. Afterwards, this diagnosis will be carried out by professionals trained by CIRCE Foundation in other 24 agri-food industries participating in the 6 energy clusters already ongoing under the SCOoPE project: 2 in Spain, 1 in Greece, 1 in Italy, 1 in Portugal and 1 in France. This diagnosis will be based on a tailor-made checklist that includes an itinerary through all requirements included in ISO 50.001. As a result, each diagnosticated company will receive an individual report, including all the findings based on the evaluation of the requirements of the international standard and a group of improvement recommendations.

The ISO 50.001 has been one of the topics included in the training set launched by the SCOoPE project. This training set consist of 12 webinars dealing with the more relevant aspects for energy efficiency in the agri-food industry. After watching the webinars and completing a test anyone can obtain its Certificate as “SCOoPE Energy Manager”.

More information in https://scoope.eu/scoope-energy-manager-webinars/

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